About University of Oran 2

The University of Oran 2 stems from the former university of Oran Senia which was created in 1961 shortly after independence. It is structured  into five faculties (Faculty of law and political sciences, faculty of economics and management, faculty of social sciences, faculty of foreign languages and faculty of earth sciences) and one institute (the institute of maintenance and industrial safety) and 42 research laboratories. It employs 682 teachers, and 1620 researchers. The total number of enrolled students reached 23217 in the current academic year. This includes 2211 post graduates and 165 foreign students mostly from African countries. This makes it one of the most important higher education institution in the country. For more details visit its website http://www.univ-oran2.dz/index.php/fr/presentation/presentation-de-l-universite


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