Check-list for preparation of conference papers

  1. Read the call and check if your topic is relevant to the conference themes and the Globelics/AfricaLics research agenda! This includes checking whether your paper is related to the key issues that Globelics and AfricaLics/other regional LICS focus on: the nexus between development and Learning, Innovation and Competence-building Systems. Consult the web-sites and resources available there (e.g. Globelics Thematic Reviews, Knowledge Bank and master module on I&D) to learn more, if you are in doubt.
  2. Make sure the purpose, objectives and structure of your paper are made clear up-front.
  3. Briefly present the methodology of the paper and of the work you have done on which the paper is based. Also good to say a few words about short-comings, if relevant.
  4. Make sure you use relevant and recent literature in your field.
  5. Consider what is the originality of your contribution and try to make this clear as well.
  6. Check if your paper meets normal scientific standards (references included, no plagerism etc.)
  7. Ensure proof-reading and language check of your paper before submitting – you can do it yourself or ask somebody to help out.


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