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Registration for the conference will open through an online system on 2nd October 2017 .  Details of the registration process will be made available to all accepted paper presenters in the email detailing their papers’ acceptance.  A small registration fee is payable by ALL participants of the conference.

Registration Fees Senior researchers PhD students Day delegates
High income countries 100 USD 50 USD 100 USD
Upper middle-income countries 100 USD 50 USD 100 USD
Low-income and lower middle-income countries 50 USD 30 USD 100 USD
Participants from Algeria 10 000 AD** 5000 AD

Please note: The rates for senior researchers and PhD students only applies to persons with  accepted papers. If you didn’t submit or your paper was not accepted you can register as a day delegate.

**Algerian Dinar (AD)

Algerian participants need to make their payment via a transfer to the university account

Compte de Trésor de l’Université d’Oran 2 : “Frais de participation à la 3ème Conférence AfricaLics”: N°0083100113000107397


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