Conference Themes

The Third AfricaLics Conference will give attention to a wide set of themes covering important aspects linking innovation and competence building for industrial development of Africa. The main theme of this conference is

‘Emerging Innovation Systems for Sustainable Industrial Development in Africa’.  

Papers are invited to be submitted against the main conference theme or addressing one or more of the following sub-themes:


  1. Geopolitics and governance of innovation for sustainable industrial development
  2. Modes of emergence of innovation in Africa: models, policies, and actors (including territorial and sectorial dimensions)
  3. Innovation and competence building for sustainable industrialisation
  4. Inclusive innovation and industrial development
  5. The role of higher education in the promotion of innovation in the manufacturing sector and within SMEs as part of the innovation system
  6. Intermediate and bridge institutions and innovation at territorial level
  7. Successful and unsuccessful examples of policy learning in relation to industrial and trade policy in Africa
  8. Engineering and design capacity building, global value chains and economic development in Africa
  9. Work organization, SMEs and the role of the management of innovation for industrial competitiveness
  10. Innovation, challenges and issues of the informal sector in African economies.


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